Software department: Software systems engineering and development experience in: Automation systems; Management; Image processing; Multiprocessor control; Data bases; Network communications; Geophysical applications; Signal processing; Radar data processing.
Programming languages and tools used: C/C++; Pascal; FORTRAN; Assemblers; Oracle; SQL,PL/SQL; Informix; Lex, yacc, Photon Application Builder; Delphi; Java Builder; X Windows; MS Access; CLIPS and others.
Hardware department: Design and development of: Multiprocessor systems and high-performance systems; Sound and image compressing devices; Real-time encrypting devices, Modems; Power line remote access and communication systems; Electronic electrical energy meters – multi-tariff, single and three phase; Combined and specialized units.
Products: High performance multiprocessor systems; RAID systems; Electrical Power Meters; Remote access systems for E-meters and others.
Quality certificate: ISO9001
111 "Tzarigradsko Shose" Blvd.
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2) 4911811
Fax: (+359 2) 4911859
Executive: Plamen Daskalov, President & CEO 
Established: 1990.
Staff: 65