Business: Support the Information Society in the technological, economic, social and cultural affairs, development and improvement of information technology integration and transition to a pan-European information society.

Means to achieve objectives: Implementing activities to attract donations and testaments by natural and legal persons in the country and abroad,  participate in the implementation of national and international projects,  stimulate and support the development of new information and communication technologies in education, research, business and non-profit sector, social, environmental. Stimulation through sponsorship, donations and financial aid publishing, seminars and conferences, liaising with other foreign and international organizations with similar activities.


124, "Tzarigradsko Shossee" Blvd , bl.2, office 413  

1784 Sofia, Bulgaria, Slatina district

Phone: 08887299408


Executive: Dipl.Eng. Chavdar Todorov Todorov, Manager

Established: 1996

Staff: 5