Industrial automation. Development, production and engineering of hardware and software products for industrial automation. Design, engineering, commissioning and building up of automated systems.
· Industrial hardware:
Embedded industrial controllers, PLC and Distributed I/O, interface converters, signal conditioners, units for manual control, monitoring and signalization, etc.
For automotive production: controller for programming, testing and callibration of Hall effect sensors.
· Industrial software:
Telemetric system for remote acquisition of data and object monitoring.
Energy management system; SCADA systems.
OPC servers and clients for integration of industrial networks.
· R&D:
R&D of hardware and software products under client orders
· Engineering:
Complete engineering of automated systems - project design by certified designers, manufacture of control and electrical panels, construction & assembly works, commissioning, service.
Integration of industrial networks and equipment of different producers.
Commissioning of SCADA and PLC of different producers.
Telemetric systems and wireless data acquisition. Energy management systems. Building management systems. Design and building up of video walls, mosaic mnemonics, control rooms.
Toshiba LT Co., Display System Division, Helmut Mauell GmbH, Comitronic SA, Wenglor GmbH, EDMI Pte.
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